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All About Takahashi Shôtei
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   Very early printed work from Nippon Rekishi Gahô
   Some more early printed work from various magazines
   Iris at Horikiri - a Collaboration with Ito Sôzan

Other Artists
   Frances Blakemore

   Doi Sadaichi and "Doi Hangaten"
      "Zojoji in the Snow" - Case Study
      Dating Doi Hangaten Prints
   Hasegawa Takejiro / Nishinomiya Yosaku
      Kobunsha / Hasegawa Books
      Seals, Stamps, and Margin Inscriptions
      Night Scene Series
      Japanese Scenes on "Tanzaku"
      1934 Calendar
      Yokohama Grand Hotel 1895 Dinner Menu
   Shima Art Company
      History of my grandparents' business
      Catalog of Shima's prints
      Daikokuya as a source of prints
      Recognizing Shima's prints
   Shôbidô Tanaka
   Watanabe Shôzaburô
      Recognizing pre- vs. post-earthquake prints
      Watanabe Sales Brochure
      The Weeks Family's 1910 Scrapbook

   Color Stability
   Robert O. Muller (1911-2003)
   Also contains pointers to some articles that I wrote for

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