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Sell Your Prints - Selling to Shotei Gallery

Selling your print(s) directly to Shotei Gallery would lead to an immediate sale, avoiding the wait time inherent in a consignment sale. As described on the Pricing of Prints page, you would have to accept a lower price than the gallery range of prices. Typically, for a direct sale, I will offer 50% of the high end of the gallery price range for a high quality print.

The first step is to send me an email describing your print(s) and your expectations of price(s) for the sale, along with snapshots of the front and back of each one. I will get back to you with an initial assessment of whether I think that we should move forward to the next step.

The next step is the gathering of information. For each print you'd like to sell, I will ask you to give me the following information, as best as you are able:

Once I've had a chance to consider the information and snapshots provided, I will make you an offer for all of or some of your print(s). If you decide to accept my offer(s), let me know and I will provide you with a shipping address for Shotei Gallery.

Please ship the prints, safely packaged and fully insured with return receipt requested, and send the tracking number of the package to me. After receiving your prints, I reserve the right to study them for a day to make sure that I would like to complete the transaction. In the absence of any surprises, Shotei Gallery will send you a check to complete the sale the day after I receive the prints. If I decide to back out of the transaction, the prints will be returned to you, at Shotei Gallery's expense.

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