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Business Terms for Purchases

How To Buy

Shōtei Gallery can accept the following methods of payment:

If you'd like to purchase an item, please note the inventory number, title, artist, price, and your preferred method of payment in an email to me. I'll get back to you with instructions about how to make payment. For checks or money orders, shipment will be held for 7 days after the receipt of your check or money order, to allow the funds to clear.

Washington State residents are required to pay sales tax at a rate based upon where they live. Once I know your shipping address, I'll be able to calculate the exact amount for you.


Customers will have 7 days after the receipt of the item sold to let me know that they would like to return the merchandise for a full refund, less shipping charges. Returns can be done for any reason. The expense of a return shipment must be borne by the customer.

However, it is important to understand that the reason for this return policy is so that customers will feel safe in placing their orders. If there are any surprises once the items are received, the customer has a way out.

It is not the intention of this policy to encourage customers to temporarily purchase items "on approval". Returns should be exceptional events; not a regular occurence. Abuse of this return policy is discouraged, and could result in the future revocation of that privilege. Shotei Gallery has made every effort to completely describe the merchandise and to show pictures of adequate quality and resolution for a solid purchasing decision to be made. Please don't purchase items from Shotei Gallery unless you intend to keep them.


The charge for shipping within the United States will be a $20.00 flat rate.

International shipping charges will have to be negotiated, depending upon the carrier, destination country and desired transit time.

All shipments are insured, trackable, and will be sent with a return receipt requested.

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