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If you are interested in consigning your prints for sale by Shotei Gallery, it is important that you understand the business terms of the consignor/consignee relationship. Please don't send your prints to me until we've gone through the preliminary steps for the listing procedure.

Consignor/Consignee Relationship

Note: I'm a do-it-yourself kind of a guy. Therefore, I'm writing the following explanation in plain terms, without the benefit of an attorney. If you have any issue with what I've written here, please get in touch with me and we'll talk about it.


That's you, the person who has prints to sell.


That's me, Marc Kahn, the proprietor of 'Shotei Gallery' which is a registered trade name for my business 'Marc Kahn Software LLC'.

The prints to be sold:

All items consigned for sale will be in the possession of Shotei Gallery, but will remain your property, as the consignor. Once your items have been received by me, Shotei Gallery takes full responsibility for their storage and safety until such time as they are sold or shipped back to you. When an item is ordered, shipped, and then received by the customer, a seven day period of time will begin during which the customer has the right to return the item. After the return period is over, the sale is finalized and the customer owns the item. At this point, Shotei Gallery owes you the proceeds of the sale less the commission amount. Once you've been paid the amount due, the transaction is completed.

Commission Rate:

The consignee will earn a 25% commission for all sales under this arrangement. The consignor will receive 75% of the sale price of the items sold. Shipping expenses and charges to the customer are to be handled by Shotei Gallery and will have no effect on the proceeds to be disbursed to you.

Disbursement of Funds:

Shotei Gallery will pay the amount due to you, upon request, at any time after the end of the return period. You may consider it to be desirable for the funds to be disbursed as an aggregate of proceeds of multiple sales being paid for at one time. By default, disbursement will be in the form of a check drawn in US funds from the account of the consignee, payable to the consignor. I am willing to use any other method of funds transfer as desired by you, the consignor, with the understanding that all costs of the alternate method will be borne by you.

Listing Fee:

Each item to be consigned to Shotei Gallery will be assessed a $20.00 listing fee to compensate me for the effort involved with capturing images, adding the item to the sales gallery database, and providing safe storage for the item. However, you will not be liable for this fee unless and until you decide to have the item removed from the gallery and returned to you. Therefore, this fee will be waived for all items sold.


At any time, you the consignor, as owner of the merchandise, can ask for the consigned items to be returned. Upon payment of the listing fees for those items, plus shipping costs incurred for the transfer, Shotei Gallery will return your items.

Listing Procedure

Please don't send your prints to be consigned to Shotei Gallery until each print has been assigned a five digit inventory number.


The first step is to send me an email describing your prints, along with snapshots of the front and back of each one. I will get back to you with an initial assessment of whether I think that we should move forward to the next step.

The next step is the gathering of information. If this is your first time consigning with Shotei Gallery, you'll need to let me know your mailing address and contact information. For each print to be consigned, I will ask you to give me the following information, as best as you are able:

Once Shotei Gallery has decided to accept your prints for consignment sale, each one will be assigned a 5 digit inventory number.

Here are some reasons why Shotei Gallery may not want to take a print on consignment:

Send your prints:

Once we've gone through the preliminaries and an inventory number has been assigned to each of your prints, I will send you the shipping address for Shotei Gallery. Please ship the prints, safely packaged and fully insured with return receipt requested, and send the tracking number of the package to me. After receiving your prints, it may take a few days to capture display images and complete the listing for the "Items For Sale" page. Once the prints are active on that page, I'll email you to let you know that we are in business.

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