Fay Kahn - Watercolors

Sweet Geranium Afternoon - 1999

Fay's Paintings:

  • Gallery Page 1 - Transparent watercolor on watercolor paper - Studio work
  • Gallery Page 2 - Watercolor and Batik on Japanese paper
  • Gallery Page 3 - Transparent watercolor on watercolor paper - Plein Aire work
  • Isla Mujeres Gallery - A special island in the Carribean
  • Notecards - Selected images available on blank notecards


I was born and raised in rural upstate New York. After high school I attended Hope College in Michigan and earned a BA degree in the Humanities and a teaching certificate in elementary education. My career included experiences in teaching fourth grade, remedial reading, community education with seniors, and preschool.

I have had the opportunity to travel across the United States, camping and hiking in many of the national parks and forests. I moved to Vancouver, Washington, USA in 1979 where I met my husband Marc. We have two daughters, Susanna and Celeste.

I have enjoyed trying many art forms throughout the years and, since 1998, I have been taking classes and workshops with local artists to learn about watercolor techniques. I am a member of Southwest Washington Watercolor Society, and serve on their board of directors.

Contact Fay by email at Fay@Shotei.com .