Sword and Blossom Poems Vol. 3

The Sword and Blossom Poems series consisted of 3 volumes of woodblock illustrated poetry, translated into English from the original Japanese. Volume 1 was published in November, 1907, followed by volume 2 in August, 1908. The third volume, was originally published in October, 1910. The edition pictured here is part of a cased set of the 3 volumes which was produced sometime after Hasegawa located at 17 Kami Negishi-cho, in June, 1911.

Most of the books published by Hasegawa were tied together with silk cord. Typically, a double page spread was printed on 2 sheets of paper. In this book, each double page spread was printed on a single sheet. The book was bound such that it opened all the way flat. Therefore, I was able to produce the following scans with no strain to the binding.

Here are images of all of the pages in this volume. Click on any of the page images to view high-resolution scans.


Front and Back Covers

The covers are hard board, covered with a layer of creped paper. There is no attribution for the artist who designed the image printed on the covers.

Colophon and Note To The Reader

Contents and List of Illustrations

Blossom Songs

Illustration:A Letter and a Letter Box by Koho

Illustration:Mt. Fuji by Hokusai (Reproduction)

Illustration:Arashiyama in Autumn by Gesso

Illustration:A Mountain Scene (Reproduction from an old print)

Illustration:Cherry Blossoms in Moonlight by Gesso and the Reproduction of the Original Tanka of "The Wanderer" written by the Nun Rengetsu

Illustration:The Portrait of Tokugawa Mitsukuni

Illustration:Convolvulus Flowers by Gesso

Sword Songs

Illustration:The Forty Seven Ronins by Yoshimune

Illustration:A Full Moon

Illustration:Mt. Saijo in Echigo by Hiroshige (Reproduction)

Illustration:An Arrow by Gesso and the Reproduction of the Original Tanka of "A Farewell" written by Kusunoki Masatsura with an Arrow on the Wall of Nyoirindo, Yoshino

Illustration:The Battle of Kawanakajima by Yoshimune

Illustration:Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen by Yoshimune

Love Songs

Illustration:Bamboos by Gesso

Illustration:A Lantern and a Pillow by Koho

Illustration:The Thawing of Ice by Gesso

Illustration:Cherry Trees in Mist by Hiroshige (Reproduction)

Illustration:Court Nobles by Gesso

Illustration:A Tanka on a Tanzaku by Gesso

Post Scriptum

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