"I Agree"

Email received December 21, 2003

Hi Marc,

Thanks Marc for what I perceive to be a truly well thought out, well presented, and strongly made case. Being a "numbers kind of guy" myself, I've long ago concluded that numbers not only don't lie, but often, they will also often lead one toward the truth.

Clearly, logic dictates that the growing body of empirical data that you and Tosh have accumulated is not only increasingly hard to ignore, at the same time it is also becoming increasingly hard to refute with any logic.......if one wanted to!! I don't.

Certainly, until someone can present a body of observable data that is more compelling than that which you've so well articulated, I'd have to agree without reservation with the case that prints bearing the "Doi Hangaten"/"Harada/Yokoi" offset markings WERE most probably also produced during the pre-War period (ie, somewhere between 1936/38 and 1965). In fact, I myself have long thought that there's arguably been simply "too many missing pre-War prints" from a printer known to be as prolific and dominant as was Yokoi.


Thomas Crossland

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